Multi-Chain is the Futur

The tecjnology have evolved to a point where we can implement multi-chain and become a one-stop solution for
EvolvePad will select projects based on different criteria but will not limit to the blockchain used by the project for the developments. While multiple launchpads are single-blockchain based, EvolvePad will allow investors staking $EVO tokens to invest in projects, whatever the blockchain is.

What do we mean by multi-chain?

EvolvePad will offer $EVO token stakers to invest in projects developed on different blockchains based on tiers requirements (See "Our Tiered" section). EvolvePad platform will allow the user to invest in a project without needing to hold any other token than the $EVO token on BSC. Depending on the tier, the user will either have to follow a specific process to register for a lottery or have a guaranteed allocation.
The initial blockchains supported will Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain. However, the second release allows supporting CARDANO, SOLANA, and POLKADOT through the MOONBEAM parachain. Moonbeam shows excellent potential with Pre-Built Integrations allowing Ethereum developers to "migrate" towards Polkadot with a limited effort. Moreover, Moonbeam allows the use of the Ethereum ecosystem applications such as Metamask. Moonbeam will play a key role within EvolvePad vision as the interoperability options offered are numerous.
The final planned release will include COSMOS & TRON unless the community, through our governance system, has decided otherwise and will depend on the development of the ecosystems at the moment.