For developers

How developers can use our platform
EvolvePad will make IDOs easier for any project needing to raise funds. Projects will also expand their exposure to potential investors and will be able to benefit from our expertise within the crypto environment.
Any party can apply to launch its project on the launchpad. Numerous information will be required from the project, mainly:
  • Identification information
  • If applicable, the company's information
  • Description & documentation of the project
  • $ Amount raised
  • $ Amount to raise
  • Liquidity provided
  • Liquidity lock period
  • Audit
For safety reasons, EvolvePad will handle the liquidity lock and the project's different vestings, meaning that EvolvePad will release the tokens to the projects based on the exposed vestings.
The project can also ask for support from EvolvePad Team and partners on the IDO and further project developments. The project will be able to go for a base service offering from EvolvePad or opt-in for other services such as operational or Marketing crypto consultancy.
Based on the criteria mentioned above and internal processes and acceptance process will be conducted.